What is website hosting and why do I need it?


To make your Web site visible to the world, it has to be hosted on a computer that is connected to the Internet. A website hosting company is a company that provides these computers (or more commonly called web servers) that are directly connected to the Internet to allow your website to be accessible online for a monthly fee.


How do we handle the hosting of the websites we build?


When we first discuss your project, we gauge the website’s functionality requirements so that we come up with the correct hosting solution to support your needs both in the short term and intermediate future. As a part of our project quote, we will mention what you can expect from an ongoing hosting fee.

We made the strategic decision to partner with a handful of different hosting companies to provide this service as we want our focus to remain on building top notch websites and let them focus on the network infrastructure, computer upgrades, and security demands that come with running publicly accessible web servers.

While each project’s needs are different, here are some common website hosting and domain name registration pricing:

  • To get your own website address, often referred to as a domain name (ie www.yourcompany.com), with either a .com, .net,
    or .org. typically costs about $13 for an annual registration of your website’s name.
  • For a wordpress blog, we highly recommend that you do NOT host them on wordpress.com as you don’t control the site and they can take it down without any warning or notice for whatever reason they want. Thus, you should have your blog hosted yourself. To get reliable hosting for a business blog runs about $10-15 a month.
  • For a common brochure based project that does NOT need e-commerce, hosting generally runs $25 a month
  • For a common e-commerce based project, hosting starts at $25 a month to allow for 100 unique products and has price points if needed to handle up to 100,000 products.

We will connect you with the specific hosting solution that’s right for your business as a part of our web design project. This protects you from making an incorrect assumption on your needs and inadvertently buying the wrong hosting package. In addition we sometimes are able to pass along discounts to our partner’s hosting plans that aren’t available to the general public to our new clients.