The story behind Critical Exposure

Coming out of Purdue University’s Computer Technology department in the late 1990’s, Aaron Guldberg had the opportunity to begin building web based solutions in the early days of e-commerce and business to business internet applications for Fortune 500 businesses.

Over time, I honed this expertise by being a part of the development of number of web solutions for individual web sites, corporate intranets, business to business applications as well as building consumer e-commerce websites. Along the way, I also developed a passion for usability and designing effective web sites that wasn’t always allowed or budgeted for in these projects.

Seeking a productive outlet for this frustration, I started working with a few local clients after hours in 2001 to help them either build their initial website or redesign their existing presence. In the process of doing this for a couple years with several artists and a few local small business start-ups, I realized that no one is really focused on helping this specific group of clients succeed online.

I decided to form Critical Exposure to address this market need, and specialize in working with this audience to help them achieve their goals by not only building and improving upon their web site, but also provide them with sound advice on how to better market their products and services online